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If treated like this, Empire will have a better chance of staying evergreen or at least staying greener for much longer in many Victorian and South Australian regions. In some colder regions like Ballerat, or the Adelaide Hills, Empire will generally lose colour in Winter even if this is followed.

Fertilise in Early April and again in mid-June with slow release fertiliser applications at a heavy rate. Empire needs less fertiliser than all other turf types, so all other fertilising other than Autumn and winter and early Spring fertilising is optional. Fertilise in Early September with a moderate rate of slow release fertiliser, or a heavy rate of organic type fertiliser if you desire a super dark green colour. Empire does not need fertiliser in summer; however it may be worth considering further optional applications under extreme circumstances. If your lawn receives very heavy where from dogs or kids, or you want a dark green lawn all summer and do not mind mowing more, you can optionally fertilise again in Mid-November, and at the end of February with moderate rates of slow release fertiliser. THE MOST IMPORTANT FERTILISER TIME IS AUTUMN AND WINTER. The benefit of fertilising just in autumn and Winter only is far less mowing. Empire is very happy with just these two applications every year.

Fertilised well in Autumn and winter and shortly mown, results in Empire having much better winter colour. Longer Empire tends to brown off more on the tips. So for more frost effected regions the best option is to mow short from around the 10th of March. Keep it like that till mid-September. Then you can let it grow a little longer. If you have shade, or prefer the lawn a little longer, the other option is to fertilise as advised, and if in the middle of Winter the tips brown off, simply mow very lightly removing the burnt tips.

Note; Other factors can make any lawn brown off, but if this recipe is followed, a greener Empire Lawn will be achieved.

Many growers find Empire slow to grow, especially in Victoria's cold climate where they would turn over EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA every 14 months. Other varieties have a much faster turn over. Growing other varieties like Kikuyu or Couch is great for their bottom line, but not for you. For less mowing only ask those growers prepared to work harder and supply EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA for a quote. Those who do not grow it will concoct all sorts of tales to switch you to a faster growing turf.

"EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA Turf – It just keeps looking good."

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